Looking Glass

Drone Consulting & Investing


The drone industry is characterized by a rapidly changing landscape of technologies and policies that make employing these systems effectively a serious challenge. We stay up-to-date with these changes; helping integrators find the right systems and policymakers set the appropriate employment environment. Our offering includes support for research, procurement, program management, integration, installation, training, and sustainment. We have found that each client’s scenario requires a tailored approach. As such, a Looking Glass engagement is typified by flexibility and mutability. We are working for you.


Significant opportunities exist in the $127B commercial drone industry. Our portfolio includes hardware and software systems at the bleeding edge of the industry; focusing on airspace security and management, data and information dissemination, and analytical insights. We’ve invested heavily in the world’s most innovative companies in these sectors, and are continually assessing new opportunities therein. We are driving the future of drone systems.

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